Seeing Double

Many people—I mean girls—okay, maybe it is just me, but after I have completed a long week of studying, I want a pedicure. For the guys reading this, stay with me. Nail salons are a place for socializing or even gossiping which can be further explained by the movie “Legally Blonde.” At the end of midterm week I texted my girls with one word, “Pedicures?”

We pulled into this hole-in-the-wall nail salon that is about two minutes from where I go to school. The employees were incredibly nice and you could tell their customers were loyal. Each individual was greeted by name as they entered the door.

An episode of “Chopped” was playing on the television across from the pedicure/massage/heavenly chairs we are sitting in. I looked over to see a woman who was in her mid-50’s. She had just sat down and was chatting it up with the owner. I stared one second too long. We made eye-contact. What was I supposed to do? She obviously saw me. I saw her. “How are you?” That’s what fell out of my mouth.

In a lady like manner she replied with, “Very well, how about yourself?” I nodded that I was doing the same (I mean, midterms was over and I was getting a pedicure—how much better could I get at that moment?). After about five minutes of all of the women being disgusted at the ingredients the judges had chosen for the contestants to use on “Chopped,” I hear her sweet voice say, “Do you want to see a picture of my grand baby?”

I turned to see her face radiating with joy as she held out her phone that was playing a slide show of pictures she took of her four-year old grandson. We ended up talking for the rest of our appointments about how long she had lived here and the rest of her grandchildren.

She mentioned the fact that she had several sets of twins in her family. When she said several, I thought she meant maybe three sets of twins. NO—six. Six sets of twins. I have younger sisters who are twins and cousins who are twins, but I could never imagine having that many twins. All I could think about was how confusing family Christmas must be.

She asked me about my sisters who are twins and if they got along. (They will probably read this so for the sake of argument they have always been and will continue to be angels.) This lady brought up how fun it would be to have a twin. Twins have a connection to each other that no other person can really understand. Identical twins share the same DNA code. Fraternal twins are just cool because you were born at the same time although you are nothing alike physically. Either way you grew up with this person, you know their likes and dislikes, most importantly you have a bond that you can ever have with another person on this earth.

This got me to thinking, while I may not have a twin, I do have a bond with this lady—a very superficial bond of getting pedicures and talking, but a bond none the less. While I do not think I will ever see this lady again, simple conversations like this could start a friendship. Her undeniable love for her family and her plethora of twins will be something I will try to carry with me. Let me clarify—I do not want to have a plethora of twins, but I want to have a family that I love to talk about and share with others.

Tonight I am thankful for nail salons and twins. They were able to strike up a conversation and show me what true love for my family looks like.




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